Honor society exhibits art

Art works as varied as clay chicken figurines and an advertising campaign graphic for Duck Tape are on display at the fourth annual ArtSlam exhibition in the University Art Gallery in Moudy Building North.

More than 40 pieces created by student members of the Honor Society of Artists and Designers are on display until March 4.

Faculty members created the honor society in 1999 to recognize outstanding students. Art department chairman Ron Watson said students must submit a portfolio to faculty members to be considered for membership and judges select members based on their creativity and talent. Members include art scholarship holders and students of all art majors, including art education, graphic design and studio art.

Watson said this exhibition is a competition in the sense that students had to be chosen for the honor society, but their pieces will not be judged once they are in the gallery.

A reception was held Monday to open the gallery and honor the students who have pieces on display.