Barnett’s actions have gone too far

The comments Colorado head football coach Gary Barnett made about Katie Hnida are not only insensitive and untimely, but his words should also result in him being reprimanded.

Hnida, one of the first women to play college football, said last week she was raped by a teammate four years ago and that she finally decided to come forward now because of the football program’s other problems, which includes six recent sexual assault cases.

In a time like this, Barnett should act on his best behavior as his job is on the line, but, in the words of Colorado president Elizabeth Hoffman, his reaction to the allegations are just “unacceptable.”

“It was obvious Katie was not very good. She was awful,” Barnett said. “Katie was not only a girl, she was terrible. OK? There’s no other way to say it.”

It doesn’t really matter whether or not Hnida was raped by a Colorado teammate four years ago. That means very little right now. Either way, Barnett was insensitive and out of line to even think about commenting on Hnida’s playing abilities during a time like this.

No coach should ever show such little concern over a serious allegation like rape, especially when it is his job to have full knowledge of the activities going on in his program.

For the past month or so, as a result, Barnett’s program has been a constant fixture on sports programs and talk shows across America, and now with these comments, he has multiplied the coverage.

Barnett was placed on paid leave Wednesday by university officials, which is really a joke because he should never be rewarded for his actions with time off and a pay check.
It’s time for him to either apologize, be reprimanded or get fired.