Katrina victim finds transfer worthwhile

Katrina victim finds transfer worthwhile

I am a Dillard University Blue Devil at heart, but I can honestly say I feel totally isolated and abandoned by my school.Having experienced such a catastrophic event like Hurricane Katrina, I am reminded daily of the new direction my life is headed.

Dillard University is historically a black university that holds the reputation of providing a rich and cultural foundation for its students. The problem is that my fellow Blue Devils and I were left with no evacuation routes or options to further our education.

Throughout the week, I received text messages from classmates expressing their fears and concerns regarding possible procedures to be taken to obtain a bachelor’s degree after Katrina’s devastation.

Dillard University, where many of us have grown into adults, left us wondering.

Should I forgo a semester and find employment or abandon Dillard to attend another university? If I transfer, will my newly earned credits be worth anything at Dillard once school resumes?

As a graduating senior, I decided to take my education into my own hands. Over the course of last week, I called numerous local colleges and universities to find a school to continue my education.

The most common response was, “I don’t know at this point, so leave me your name and number, and someone will get back with you.”

Texas is supposed to encourage students to attend college, not discourage them.

Just because a hurricane ruined a city, one’s education should not have to cease with it.

I then contacted Texas Christian University and, without any hesitation, I was accepted over the phone.

I am now enrolled in one of the finest universities in the Metroplex. TCU has taken myself and others under its wing by assuring us schedules that correspond with our degree plans, housing and other personal needs.

Having experienced such an easy transition from Dillard to TCU, it is difficult to see why some would want to return to their original university.

Through this ordeal, I am gaining a sense of maturity as well as an expanded social network. I am now both a Blue Devil and a Horned Frog.

If you endured a tragedy such as Hurricane Katrina, you could take control of your education or leave it in the hands of the administration. Which path would you choose?

Kimberly Waiters is a senior communication studies major from Arlington. She transferred to TCU from Dillard University because of Hurricane Katrina.