Concert Calendar

The Moon
Thursday: Catfish Whisky and Friends
Friday: Myles Hayes and James Norris CD Release
Saturday: Jill Brewer BoltThe Aardvark
Thursday: TENO, Madera & Joe Kirkland
Friday: Coma Rally, Dirt Merchant, Fist Full of War, Legends of the South & It’s Like Love
Saturday: Rebecca Creek, Justcause, Syndikate & Bled for Days

The Ridglea
Friday: The Vanished, Space Cadet, DV8, & One Minute Halo
Saturday: Point Blank, Petty Theft & Riverwind
Sunday: Two Hands 1, Confusatron, Josh Weathers (solo), Catfish Whiskey, Will Work For Food, Stella Maris, William Blake, Sunward, Terminal, John Dotson, Bob White and the F-Electrics, Jeff Taylor, Southernmost Star & CSS