Your View

I write to report despicable TCU fan behavior I witnessed at the TCU-SMU game last Saturday. My family and I sat near a large group of TCU students, male and female. A number appeared to be inebriated. Some were sporting Greek insignia. All appeared to be spoiled children of material privilege. We were seated near SMU students of like description. Throughout the game, there was trash talking between the two obnoxious student groups. But, the TCU students went over the top when they resorted to repeatedly chanting, “F— SMU!” Look, as a student, I went to my fair share of games under the influence. I most certainly have heard the F-bomb before. I am certain, however, that I never, as a sports fan, acted with such lack of social dignity at any game, TCU or otherwise. In the future, I would ask those students who participated in such boorish behavior to stop and think before again embarrassing our university and yourselves.Tom Oliver, Class of 1975