Frogs show promise in Mexico

The women’s tennis team kicked off its year with the Baylor Invitational in Waco and a tournament in Matamoros, Mexico over the weekend.Despite losing in the latter rounds in Waco, head coach Dave Borelli said he learned a lot about his new team and was impressed with how his players handled the competition.

“Since this was one of our first tournaments, we got a really good look at our players,” Borelli said. “We can see that the strength coach has done great work with the team’s conditioning, and we were up to the challenges last weekend’s tournament had to offer us.”

Borelli said he is very enthusiastic with the young talent as well as the returning veterans from the Horned Frogs’ previous years.

“We were impressed with Anna Sydorska,” he said. “This was the first time we got to see what she could do on the courts. As far as returning players, Gloriann Lopez and Andrea Morgado played very well together in the singles and doubles tournament. Even though they lost in the later rounds, they started off very strong and will give us lots to look forward to this season.”

Lopez, a senior team captain, has high hopes after the teams performance in Waco.

“As a team, we show a ton of potential,” Lopez said. “We played well in Waco and in Mexico – well enough that our goal is to now have a seat in Top 10 ranking at the end of our year.”

Lopez said she loves the team already in its young season.

“This team has the desire to win,” Lopez said. “When we go to the courts everyone wants to play to win. No person on the team looks at tennis as a chore. Instead, it feels much more like a passion. We owe a lot to our fantastic coaching staff so far. Borelli knows the game of tennis more than anyone that has ever coached me.”

Morgado said she agrees that the teaching of the coaches and support of the players will bring them close to their goal.

“We have a lot of support this year from players and coaches alike,” Morgado said. “We worked hard this summer, and it has paid off.”

Morgado said she is very eager to play more matches with her tennis partner Lopez.

“Our games really fit well together, and we should have a lot of success in future tournaments this season,” Morgado said.

While some players played in Waco, others went further south to play in another tournament. Sydorska and junior Ana Cetnik went to Matamoros and said they also were happy with the performance this past week.

“Sickness didn’t allow me to play at my greatest potential,” Sydorska, who got knocked out of the tournament in the first round, said. “That did not keep me however from trying my hardest.”

Sydorska said she also already feels the support from her fellow players on the team.

“We have a warm team and we always feel at home with one another,” Sydorska said.

Cetnik, the top-ranked player on the team, was glad to start the season.

“I felt calm and fresh,” Cetnik said. “Last year, my shoulder was sore and this year my shoulder feels great. This year, we are prepared individually and look to improve even more.”

The Frogs play again Friday at the North Texas Tournament in Denton.