Storm safety

Rita looming: Students should take precautionsShould Hurricane Rita find her way to North Texas, there are still many dangers even if the storm surge cannot reach this far inland. It is important for all students to be prepared.

You need to know the tornado shelter plan for the building in which you live or are located at the time.

There is a risk of high, sustained winds and dangerous gusts. If the wind picks up, move to interior hallways and away from any windows.

It is also important to move any valuables you have away from the windows because should they break, high winds and rain will damage anything nearby. This is especially important with electronics, which should be unpluged and placed as far away from windows as possible.

Watch local broadcast stations for weather updates and warnings for the area, when possible. Storms are unpredictable. At the time of press, there was no way for the Skiff to know if the storm would hit Fort Worth and Dallas or pass far east of the Metroplex. It is very important to know what the conditions in your area are so you can take adequate precautions.

Be aware of weather sirens in the area. Both TCU’s lightning warning siren and the city’s air raid sirens are audible from campus. The lightning siren is a good cue to get indoors. Should you hear the air raid sirens, seek shelter immediately.

Stay out of low-lying areas as they are at high risk for flooding in the event of heavy rain. If you find yourself caught out in the storm, avoid driving in heavy rain or hail. Seek shelter under bridges if possible. Also, do not drive through high water.

Always heed the warnings of emergency management and law enforcement officials. This will cut down on confusion and panic that could cause an already chaotic environment.

While many of these tips seem like common sense, sometimes the most obvious precautions are not taken.

Opinion Editor Brian Chatman for the Editorial Board