Ready for the worst, got the best

We were very lucky, but were also very prepared.For those of you not following Hurricane Rita, going to hurricane parties or commenting on the lack of storms, the hurricane completely missed Fort Worth.

While the rain would have been nice, severe storms would have caused havoc.

However, TCU sought to prepare students for the worse. E-mails were sent out warning students that severe storms may be heading into north Texas. Students were told to mentally figure out where the nearest shelter was and how to remain safe if any form of the hurricane were to hit our area. Common-sense advice, but useful nonetheless.

TCU administrators and its students, faculty and staff ought to be praised for their storm-readiness.

Granted, some people were overprepared. However, it is always better to be overprepared than underprepared.

The cancellation of LEAPS is an example of overpreparedness. Students on campus worked hard to set up the campuswide event, and, because of the threat of storms, the event was canceled. It’s sad that all that hard work and planning had to go to waste.

But, it is better that people panic in an organized fashion than not be ready for the worst.

Case in point, Hurricane Katrina.

The fact that most Texans moved out of harm’s way when Rita loomed ominously in the Gulf, shows that we learned our lesson from New Orleans and the Gulf coast. As of Monday morning, deaths were minimal compared to Katrina.

Damage to the oil infrastructure was minimal, and oil prices fell Sunday, maybe helping push gas prices down.

TCU students pitched in and took in displaced family members and friends.

Rita showed that Texas residents can adequately prepare for the worst.

Janelle Stecklein for the Editorial Board.