SGA relief bill upheld despite objections

The Judiciary Board upheld the Hurricane Relief Bill, denying one student’s claim it violated the Student Body Code, on Wednesday night.Rep. Thomas Guidry, of the College of Science and Engineering, filed a complaint about the bill last week arguing it violates the charitable contributions clause in the Student Body Code.

The clause states: “No charitable contributions shall be made from the student body fund. Charitable contributions include, but are not limited to, payments made to charitable organizations.”

The board’s work includes any violations with the documents of the Student Government Association.

Guidry does not agree with the ruling.

“They’re wrong. The reference to the organization is a further definition, not a whole definition,” Guidry, a junior computer science information major, said.

The bill re-authorized the emergency relief fund to members of the student body affected by the Gulf Coast disaster.

Guidry said the issue needed to be approached unemotionally. The SGA members thought with their hearts rather than with the knowledge of what has been going on, he said.

“While the Judicial Board does have the final ruling on this bill, I will not give up until House and the executive board admit that they were wrong,” Guidry said.

Guidry filed a complaint Thursday against the three people who sit on the board that decide who gets relief. “They do not have the experience, expertise or process to properly deal with giving aid to anyone,” Guidry said. “No student should have access to another student’s records.”

Sebastian Moleski, SGA chief of staff, spoke on behalf of the officers and members of the House of Representatives.

Moleski submitted the minutes from the House meeting on March 30, 2004, to clarify the intention of the 2004 bill. The bill was intended to prevent giving money to charitable organizations that do not directly impact TCU students, Moleski said.

Moleski said the minutes make it clear that the 2004 bill was not intended to limit funds being used to support the students affected by the Gulf Coast disaster, and because of that, he aslo said the relief would probably be extended to students affected by Hurricane Rita.

Staff reporter Ashley Alderman contributed to this report.