H20 Frogs looking to make splash in new conference

H20 Frogs looking to make splash in new conference

Despite the uncertainties of moving into a new conference, H20 Frogs head coach Richard Sybesma said he expects to have a strong season against stronger competition.”The Mountain West Conference is a much stronger conference than what we left (Conference USA),” Sybesma said. “We have a great opportunity to really have an impact on it. We right now are predicted to be third in men and fourth in the women (in the conference swimming polls), and I think we will really surprise some people especially in the women’s. We got a really good program in the men’s and women’s side.”

Sybesma said he foresees at least a third-place finish for the men and women this year.

“We have a good chance to be top three, and a really good outside chance to do a lot of good damage.”

The women look to win their first season meet, and the men will continue their season, today at Colorado State.

Senior Brent Norcross said he really wants to make an impression early on in the year.

“I think we are going to make our presence felt in our first meet,” Norcross said. “We aregoing in with a lot more anticipation. The guys are going in with a lot more strength.

“In past years we had a lot of depth, and this year, in addition to that, we have a lot more speed, which will give us a new advantage in every aspect in the meets.”

Norcross said he looks forward to the challenge in the MWC.

“Mountain West is definitely a faster conference and it is more intense, and that is real good since we progressed a lot over the past few years,” Norcross said.

Senior Teylor Arboleda said the team has really improved in a year.

“I think we had a real good team last year, however, now we have a great team,” Arboleda said. “We also have a couple guys who will come in who are really quick, and I think it’s going to be a good year for this team.”

Junior Rikki Covey said facing Colorado State will start the season right.

“We have a lot of confidence that we will beat Colorado.” Covey said. “They are a good team to swim against to start our season, and then at the invitational, all the girls will get in a lot of different events, and that will be good too.