SGA candidates discuss platforms at forum

Candidates in the student government elections voiced their opinions on community issues, but some students who listened said they felt they were given too much information at once.The candidate forum, which was held in the Brown-Lupton Student Center Lounge on Monday, included a panel of candidates who answered questions asked by the host and the student audience.

Jason Ratigan, a candidate for vice president, said all the candidates have different ideas but similar goals.

“It was good because students got to hear a lot of opinions,” Ratigan, a senior history major, said. “Though with so many candidates it could be hard to understand.”

Katrina Grote, a sophomore biology major, said she attended the forum while she was waiting to meet a friend. She said the forum helped her decide who to vote for.

“Last year I didn’t know much about the candidates, but the forum was very helpful,” Grote said. “People had different ideas and you could tell who had really thought through the issues.”

However, Brent Dore, a junior political science and communications major, said he watched for about 30 minutes. He said he did not learn anything from attending the forum.

“I had a hard time paying attention because it seemed like everyone kept repeating each other,” Dore said. “It just wasn’t sinking in.”

Grote said she thinks the candidates have similar platforms, but they did not repeat each other.

“Even though all the candidates had the same goals, each had a different way of achieving it,” Grote said.

Austin Uebele, chairman of the Permanent Improvements Committee, hosted the forum. He said he spent two days preparing questions and was pleased with the results.

“With any political campaign, you will have people dance around the question,” Uebele, a sophomore premajor, said, “but there were some very thoughtful answers.”

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