SGA justice resigns; replacement sworn in Tuesday

The new justice on the Judicial Board of the Student Government Association said Wednesday that he will bring sound judgment in interpreting the Constitution, the Student Body Code and other documents.The vacant spot on the Judicial Board was filled Tuesday night when Taylor Allen, a sophomore entrepreneurial management major, was sworn in by Chief Justice Jared Heathman.

“It’s always been something I’ve been interested in participating in,” Allen said. “I felt I could be useful for SGA in the Judicial Board.”

All the justices are picked by the SGA president, Heathman said.

SGA President David Watson said he picked Allen because he would be “around for a while” and because of his experience: He has been in the House of Representatives, he has sat on the Activities Funding Board and he has dealt with disciplinary issues in his fraternity.

“He sets up the Judicial Board for longevity,” Watson said.

The vacant spot on the Judicial Board was a result of Justice Neal Jackson resigning.

“I resigned my position of justice in order to pursue president,” Jackson said. “But once I realized it wasn’t the best decision, I dropped out of the race.”

Allen said his first reaction to Jackson’s resignation was that he saw an opportunity to fill the spot.

Heathman said he looks forward to working with Allen.

“Overall, the Judicial Board is full with diverse personalities, and I’m sure Taylor will add a unique perspective to the group,” Heathman said. “I look forward to working with him.