Student body elections to be held today

Students will voice their opinions today by voting for the next student body officers.Students can learn more about the candidates at and To vote, students can go to

Student Government Association President David Watson said when students vote, they should keep in mind the candidates’ platforms and look at leadership experience.

“(Students) should vote who they think is the best instead of who’s their friend and who they know,” Watson said.

Major issues addressed during the campaign are creating stability in tuition, increasing communication between SGA and the students and improving tailgating by making it student-managed.

The campaigning period was kept eventful when a presidential candidate stepped down and a treasurer candidate appealed his election violation Thursday to the SGA judicial board.

Neal Jackson bowed out of the race Oct. 30 for personal reasons and Brian Andrew appealed his $50 fine for inviting Alina Tennie to join his campaign group on Facebook, which violated specific prior instructions by the Elections and Regulations Chair, Sebastian Moleski, and the Student Body Code regarding campaign methods and materials.

Moleski said candidates could not use Facebook to solicit, but Andrew said he did not send any unsolicited invitations and was in accordance with the Elections and Regulations Committee minutes from Sept. 19 because he did not advertise to people who were not his friends.

Andrew was found guilty but his fine was reduced to $20.

“It’s a more appropriate ruling due to the amount of people,” Andrew said.

Moleski said he did not have a problem with the ruling because the charges were still upheld.