Your View

In efforts to create a more environmentally friendly campus, I voted for Wyatt Goolsby’s resolution to reduce paper towel usage on campus. This simple, single-lined resolution seemed harmless and was written for a good cause. In efforts to “reduce, reuse and recycle,” the resolution addresses the fact that many of us recycle and reuse, but we forget to reduce our use. Goolsby called for the support of the Student Government Association to hang friendly signs on paper towel dispensers to remind students to reduce usage of paper towels. It may seem comical, but it was a simple resolution that failed in House. I was shocked. I thought it would be easily passed, especially since it merely asked for the support of SGA. Obviously, House thought it was a joke, and was embarrassed over the amount of time spent debating the resolution. In my opinion, debate was pointless. The resolution should have been passed without second thought. I don’t care if House members believe my opinion here is embarrassing or another waste of time. I support efforts for an environmentally friendly campus, and I find it truly sad that a majority of House members couldn’t support something so simple and selfless. What’s so wrong with supporting environmentally friendly efforts? Jennifer Pippin, junior international communications and advertising/public relations major