Your View

After reading Rachel Skinner’s article on gay marriage in Wednesday’s Skiff, I was appalled at just how ignorant many people remain in this great state of ours. Not only did Ms. Skinner make an inaccurate correlation between being gay and being a “habitual liar, a thief, an adulterer or just a plain raging lunatic,” but she continued to state that she has never seen “anything positive come out of” homosexuality. I would like to point out that the reason homosexuals “end up hurting people, including themselves” is not because they are gay, but because people like Ms. Skinner feel it is not only their right but rather their God-given duty to decide what is and is not moral.I would never change who I am. I would, however, like to change the daily hurtful looks and words that I get from people for simply being me. Furthermore, while Ms. Skinner quickly tries to rationalize her stance by mentioning her token gay friend, it is neither relative nor genuine. If she truly cared about her friend, she would not only accept his sexuality but stand up and fight for him to have every last right that she has been effortlessly afford by this nation. I hope that these words are not seen as hateful. I will in fact continue to love Ms. Skinner, despite her openly discriminatory attitude, “simply because that’s what I was taught to do by the example of Jesus.”

Aaron Emmitte, senior French major