Graduate embraces new life, keeps TCU close

Graduate embraces new life, keeps TCU close

“Farewell, fair cruelty.” – William ShakespeareYeah, I’m with Willy on that one. It was only days ago, that I was asked if I had any good-byes that I would wish to make – and I do. There is no better place to do it than here for the rest of the classes below me to read.

This December, I part from the university – please don’t cry for me — I know I’m a tough loss to handle.

That’s right, I am a super senior. But you know what they say, “Graduating in four years is like leaving the party at 10 p.m.; sure, it may be responsible, but it’s not near as much fun.”

Now, the fair cruelty is the realization that I have to lead my own path that TCU has set ahead of me.

TCU has given me more than I can give back to it, well, besides all the tuition. Beyond education, this university has offered me a life that I know my parents will look on with pride.

I have met my future bride, whom I proposed to on the steps of Robert Carr Chapel. I have developed my own ideas and views that go beyond how I was raised or the views of my professors. Here at TCU, I realized there is more to life than just money and that alcohol is much cheaper when you buy the generic brands.

But at this time, I must bid my farewells. They are in no specific order:

Farewell sleeping in on weekdays.

Farewell send-home IDs.

Bonjour cool French exchange student. That’s right I said it, he’s French and cool at the same time.

Farewell the political activism that wasn’t.

Farewell college night.

Farewell nightly homework.

Farewell paying to do work instead of being paid.

Goodbye term papers.

Farewell random hot girl I see walking to class.

Farewell TCU Daily Skiff, which has been my home for the last year and a half.

Farewell college life and the greatest time of my life.

Actually, you know what, I can’t say farewell to these things. They aren’t disappearing from my life. How about this instead:

Hello to making a difference on weekdays.

Welcome send-home IDs for the children I will have that attend TCU in 30 years.

My home is yours cool French guy.

Hello politics and all its bitterness.

Actually, I still have to say farewell to college night unfortunately.

Hello free time at night.

Welcome, make yourself comfortable, paychecks.

Term papers can still go bye-bye.

No farewell to the random hot girl I saw walking to class. We are engaged.

Hello friends for life from the TCU Daily Skiff.

Hello to the memories I will have, as I endured the greatest time of my life.

This university, its people and all the experiences I have had, I could never say farewell to. I may be graduating, but I will never be fully gone … especially since the donation calls have already started coming in.

I will end this by saying, I love TCU, I bleed purple and I always will.

But, for the sake of the “farewell” column I am writing right now, farewell good TCU.

So, come on, Willy Shakespeare, say it again.

“Farewell, fair cruelty.”

Shawn Finer is a studly economics major from Hurst with two cats and a hot fianc‚.