Staff awarded money for school

Money for books and college fees was awarded to three staff members who received the 2006 General Staff Award in early November.The award provides $45 per semester hour to Kathryn Schruba, Niki Thrasher and Maria Puente.

“This is such a wonderful benefit for staff who are returning to school at TCU but need a little help with fees and cost of books,” said Hao Tran, chairwoman of the Staff Assembly. “Past recipients of the award have gone on to receive their degrees, and I like to think that the staff scholarship did its part in helping them reach their goals.”

Schruba learned a couple of weeks ago that she was chosen to receive the scholarship. She plans to get a degree in art history.

“I’m getting money for this semester and next, and it’s already helped tremendously,” she said.

Thrasher is an employee in the financial aid office and is using the money to help get her teaching certificate.

“The money is helping so much because I work full time, and it’s nice to have money for the smaller things like books and enrollment fees,” she said. “Books are so expensive these days, it’s nice not to have one more thing to worry about.”

Puente works in the library and plans to earn an e-business degree.

“It’s nice to know that most of my book expenses will be taken care of for both this semester and next semester,” she said.

The award was created by former Chancellor Michael Ferrari and is now administered by the Office of Scholarships and Student Financial Aid.

The award is only available to full-time or 3/4-time employees and cannot be received by the same employee two years in a row.