Online Exclusive: Dave Barry extended review

He’s chronicled turning 40, lampooned Washington, turning 50, and even writing itself. Now, with “Dave Barry’s Money Secrets,” Dave Barry is back to spoof the world of money.Barry has never been one for subtle humor – which is immediately evidenced by the book’s subtitle, “Like: Why Is There a Giant Eyeball on the Dollar?” – but his satirical take on American economics is razor sharp.

While Barry, whose “Miami Herald” column is syndicated nationwide, takes on financial bigwigs like Donald Trump and Alan Greenspan, he still satirizes the mundanities of day-to-day life that have made him famous. For every time Barry mocks lawsuit abuse, he also spoofs paying for college.

So, what does Barry advise about paying for college? By encouraging lower grades, Barry theorizes, parents can save money when their children attend less prestigious (cheaper) universities.

Some may say this is just another in a string of goofy Dave Barry books, but each book contains much more than just wacky scenarios and booger jokes. Barry has a way of taking American worries, money in this case, and exploiting them to ridiculous conclusions.

After a string of novels, including the book-turned-movie “Big Trouble,” it’s good to see Barry settling back into the absurdist humor he has championed over the last two decades.

If you see the world of money as fast-paced or kill-or-be-killed, perhaps you should stick to Jim Kramer and Donald Trump, but if you’re a looking for a hilarious take on a hype-filled world, look no further than Dave Barry.

– Darren White