Students view buffet line of TV information

Amid studying and socializing, freshman finance major Jarrod Cox watches TV twice a day to keep current with stocks and sports.”I watch finance stations because I own my own stocks, and I watch what’s going on,” Cox said. “I also watch ESPN because I live for sports, and I can’t watch all the games at once.”

David Higgins, another freshman finance major, says sports are at the top of his hit list, too.

“I like to be able to keep up with sports news,” Higgins said. “When I’m up-to-date with sports, I can have good conversations about it.”

Lexie Cebulko, a freshman communication studies major, said her reason for watching the news is the same.

“The news helps me keep up with communication and have topics to talk about,” Cebulko said.

Students said they watch a range of news sources, including NBC, CBS, ESPN, E!, TCU News Now and “Oprah.”

Some students, however, say they just don’t have the time to tune in to news outlets.

Addison Hayes, a sophomore studio art photography major, says TV is not a priority for her and she rarely takes time out of her day to watch TV.

“I watch it when my roommate has it on or when I’m painting for an art class,” Hayes said. “But I don’t really take the time to actually sit down and watch it.”

Still, some students prefer to keep their eyes on the stars.

Natalie Archer, a freshman education major, says she watches entertainment and celebrity news daily.

“I watch E! every day so I can keep up-to-date with music and fashion,” Archer said.

People watch different news stations depending on what they find interesting, but many students say the reason they watch the news comes down to one thing: To know what’s going on and to be able to talk about it.