Expo to provide chance to meet future employers

Students will have the chance to meet and interview with several companies today in the University Recreation Center when Career Services hosts this semester’s Career Expo.Companies ranging from Lockheed Martin to Dillard’s Department Stores will be on campus from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. looking for candidates to fill either full-time or internship positions.

Marjory Eisenman, assistant director for Career Services, said participants should arrive early to ensure an opportunity to visit with all the companies they may be interested in. Eisenman said students should research the companies that will be at the expo and dress professionally.

Corrie Lockhart, a senior communication studies major, said she prepared for the expo last semester by purchasing a suit and making copies of her r‚sum‚.

Lockhart received a marketing internship at Weaver & Tidwell, LLP even though the company’s representative was looking for accountants, she said.

“It has been a wonderful internship and a wonderful experience,” Lockhart said. “I have already been offered a permanent position upon graduation. I was upgraded from intern to full-time flex with benefits in November, and I love it.”

Lockhart suggested students prepare themselves for the possibility of receiving a job.

“Have an open mind and come prepared to get a job,” Lockhart said. “Never underestimate yourself. There are dozens of companies there ready to hire you. It pays to ask questions.”

Eisenman said students are encouraged to bring a portfolio but that she doesn’t know if the employer will have time to look at it.

“A cover letter isn’t necessary because when you approach companies at a career fair, you serve as your cover letter,” Eisenman said. “You should be able to introduce yourself the way your cover letter would introduce you.”

Eisenman said to make sure to get the interviewer’s contact information before the end of the conversation.

Le Ann Roberts, adjunct professor for communication studies, said she is going to give students the opportunity to attend the expo in place of an assignment.

Roberts said she encourages her students to go to the expo to familiarize themselves with the job market.

“I think the fair is a great opportunity because obviously these companies are interested in hiring TCU students,” Roberts said. “It gives students a chance to go on an interview on their home turf.