Oprah’s generous spirit inspiring

Oprahs generous spirit inspiring

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most respected and admired public figures of our time. Just to name a few of her accomplishments, according to oprah.com: Oprah has been named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine, has received more than 40 Emmys for her daytime show and started the “Oprah Bill” with President Clinton for the National Child Protection Act in 1993, creating a database to help track child abusers.

Oprah has served as a philanthropist, producer and actress, and has changed the lives of many people with her utter sincerity and caring heart.

One of the reasons she is such a successful, admired person is her overall good nature. One of the most important ways Oprah is changing people’s lives is by forming organizations like “The Angel Network” and “In Your Wildest Dreams,” which make people’s dreams come true.

On the first episode for her show’s 2004-2005 season, a selected audience was chosen, all in need of automobiles. So Oprah gave every person in the audience a Pontiac Sedan through the “In Your Wildest Dreams” organization.

Some people may think Oprah is over the top because of all of the money she puts into her show, but the point is, she is giving to others.

In 2005, the audience of the “Oprah’s Favorite Things” episode were the people that devoted their time to helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina. She gave to people that deserved acknowledgement.

With all of the corruption and crime that has destroyed our world, Oprah has prevailed and continued to bring goodness in the worst situations as a leader and helping hand through times of natural disasters and tragedy.

Additionally, she has contributed to many individuals’ senses of self by informing them of physical and mental health issues and how they can apply these issues in improving their lives.

Like any human being, Oprah has made some mistakes, but she is not afraid to admit them and show that she is “real.”

Oprah’s Book Club, the biggest online book club, has promoted literature and education to thousands since 1996. Since Oprah is admired by so many people, the book club has brought a positive change in literacy for thousands of people. Oprah’s Book Club, which is the biggest on-line book club has promoted literacy and education among thousands of people since 1996.

Recently, controversy arose when “A Million Little Pieces,” a best seller from Oprah’s Book Club, proved to have fabrications about the life of drug-addict James Frey.

Oprah confronted Frey and the publication company about the fabrications and showed her personal humility on national television for promoting what she had believed to be a completely nonfiction book.

This proves Oprah’s sincerity. She wanted people to know that she was sorry that Frey misled the public and she showed the personal offense that “kept her awake all night.”

In addition to everything else, Oprah has served as a present-day leader in the Civil Rights Movement.

Whether it is giving a person fashion advice or helping the victims of the devastating hurricanes last year, Oprah is always there to lend a helping hand and create a positive change in people’s lives.

Oprah has made a difference in the world by showing the dignity and grace of a person who strives to make people’s lives better everyday.

Jacquilee Killeen is a senior broadcast journalism major from Lubbock.