Food companies not to blame

The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that Burger King has introduced its equivalent to McDonald’s Corp.’s Dollar Menu. According to the article, Burger King has had trouble with pricing its value menu because of dips in profit.Fast food chains just can’t win. Decide what you want, America. Is saving a few dollars worth the artery clog and triple bypass surgery a couple years from now?

It seems as though cheaper food, rather than healthier food, appeals to the masses. The same masses who complain about a lack of healthy options on drive-thru menus – the very society that sues fast food chains for making Americans fat.

This country wants to have its cake and eat it, too. Americans like fast and easy but not the consequences that come with the shortcuts. A man goes through the McDonald’s drive-through everyday and is suddenly dismayed, after several years, that the food he has been consuming has made him fat. His thought process must have went something like this: “Hmm, I eat McDonald’s; it must be the business’s fault, not mine. Clearly, the logical thing to do would be to sue.” Sir, the food didn’t force its way into your mouth, down to your thighs. Somehow, it’s reasonable to conclude that your hand did the stuffing and your mouth the chewing.

The man and many obese Americans make the decision to make saturated fats the only food group in their diets but blame the restaurant chain for the succulent items it offers. Most restaurants have opted to provide healthy foods. Look beyond the $1 death-by-trans-fat lard. Past the colon-clearing chili cheese hotdog. That’s it – salad.

America, it’s time to own up to your calorie-consuming ways. Evident by Burger King’s recent addition, you crave cheap, not healthy. Go ahead and add to the growing obesity rates – just don’t point those fat fingers at the fast food chains but rather at your own chests, which you will probably be grasping in pain followed by a trip to the hospital.

Associate editor Adrienne Lang for the editorial board