Sigur R¢s rocks out in Bass Hall

The Bass Performance Hall has never been rocked so hard.Iceland’s Sigur R¢s lit up the Bass Performance Hall on Monday in a triumphant display of orchestrated sound.

As the last show on the American leg of its current tour, Sigur R¢s played an inspiring 15-song set augmented by light and sound.

Standing in stark contrast to a more traditional Bass show, Sigur R¢s dressed the stage with a pair of translucent screens, ample lighting and a generous helping of fog.

Beginning with the two opening tracks off its latest release, “Takk…,” Sigur R¢s pulled the audience into a world of shadows mixed with the carefully controlled wails of frontman Jon Thor Birgisson.

With nine songs from “Takk…,” three songs from “Ag‘tis Byrjun,” and three songs from “(),” the set proved to be a well-rounded mix of material.

Meanwhile, images of young children and worn-out dolls floated on screens, as the band pounded away at “E-Bow” before finally gathering at center stage for a subdued rendition of “Heys tan.”

As the see-through curtain fell, the audience rose in boisterous ovation with high hopes for an encore.

Five minutes later, Sigur R¢s returned. “Popplagid,” launched an all-out war of lights, enveloping sound and an earth-shattering crescendo.

While the show was atypical for the usual orchestral feel of the Bass Performance Hall, Sigur R¢s’ set would have felt claustrophobic in a club setting, making the Bass the perfect place for some epic tunes.

– Sherman Donegan