Rifle: Shooter breaks TCU record

The stereotype of men being the only ones who shoot guns has been as dominant as the association of seeing John Wayne in a cowboy hat; it’s just natural. With that being said, there is a growing trend of women having more and more staying power in the world of competitive shooting. Here at TCU, senior Celeste Green has proven she is not only one of the best female shooters in the country, but she is also one of the best shooters in the country period.

At first glance, one couldn’t tell this energetic spark-plug for an individual enjoys shooting competitively. Why would she decide to dedicate herself to a sport that, through stereotypes, is considered to be male dominated? Maybe it’s because it runs in her family.

“My family has been involved in it forever. I always had to do everything (my sister) did,” Green said. “It definitely strengthened the father-daughter relationship.”

The senior’s attitude and endearing personality hardly seem to suggest that she just sported a 10th-place finish at the NCAA Rifle Championships. Green scored 581 out of a possible 600, in the process becoming the first shooter in the history of the rifle program to represent TCU at the NCAA Championships.

“I was just trying to make my next shot the best,” Green said. “My mindset was the same, but I was more excited than usual.”

Head coach Karen Monez applauds her strong effort, saying that her dedication to shooting is what has made her one of the best smallbore shooters in the country.

“At the NCAA Championships, you are under the spotlight,” Monez said. “Anytime you shoot in the 580s, that is just an outstanding score.”

Even though Green has accomplished a lot in a short period of time at TCU, she attributes much of her success to her family, Monez and her teammates whom she adores.

“They are probably the sweetest girls I’ve ever met,” Green said. “We want the best for each other.”

On top of that, she isn’t a bad leader and friend either, said freshman shooter Tanya Gorin.

“Coming on a team with someone like her on it already, it was easier to come on and just learn from her,” Gorin said. “She’s not only a good leader, but a good friend.”

Gorin also enjoyed her time being apprenticed by Green and has taken note of some of her best qualities.

“There always seems to be a happy aura around Celeste,” Gorin said. “There is never a sad moment.”

Doing what Green does, people may wonder if she intimidates potential male suitors once they find out she is one of the best at shooting at a rifle.

Green said she had a boyfriend several years ago who grew accustomed to it after some hesitation.

“He was intimidated at first, but he got used to it,” Green said with a laugh.