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Men’s Tennis: Team hosts matches amid losing streak

The men’s tennis team is looking for a change of pace today in its double header against Wichita State and Abilene Christian University.Although the Frogs have lost six of their last seven matches to some of the higher-ranked teams on their schedule, today’s matches at the Bayard H. Friedman Tennis Center could turn the losing streak around.

TCU is playing in its first double header of the season, and head coach Joey Riv‚ said he expects a tough day.

“The guys are in OK shape to handle it,” Riv‚ said, “but it will be a challenge. Hopefully we’ll be stronger because of it.”

Of TCU’s two opponents, Riv‚, said he expects Wichita State to be the most formidable.

“Wichita State is a good, scrappy team,” Riv‚ said, ” … in college tennis, anybody can beat you.”

The challenge that the doubleheader presents may be a positive one for Riv‚, who said it is a way to alleviate some of the stress left over from playing highly ranked teams such as No. 2 Pepperdine and No. 7 Baylor.

“When you play four or five of these (tough) matches in a row, the pressure builds up,” Riv‚ said. “This match will be a different kind of pressure.”

Another change in the Frogs’ favor is the return of junior Radu Barbu.

Barbu missed three matches earlier this month because of an injury but has returned fully recuperated to TCU’s lineup.

After Barbu’s win over his California opponent Monday, Riv‚ said, he hopes the junior’s play will continue to be to the Frogs’ advantage.

Riv‚ said he is happy to have Barbu back and emphasized the player’s role in helping the team win.

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