Creager set to perform Sunday

Although alcoholic beverages will not be served, the student body will get a free taste of “Everclear” as Texas-country singer Roger Creager performs after the baseball game Sunday against Air Force.Creager, who is known for his laid-back music, puts a distinctive twist on traditional country as demonstrated in some of his most popular songs such as “The Everclear Song,” “I Got the Guns” and “Love.”

The Diamond Day concert, which will be hosted by Frog Aides, a new leadership organization, and the Programming Council, will be held at the intramural fields at 4:30 p.m or immediately following the baseball game. . The event, which is free for students, will also be sponsored by the athletic department and the Greek community.

Kim Appel, activities coordinator for Student Government and adviser for Frog Aides, said Frog Aides is a new leadership program on campus that is not only open to SGA members but for any student who wants to be a leader or study different leadership topics.

Kit Lipscomb, a freshman Frog Aides and Programming Council member said, “We hope that this event will bring people together and let everyone know who the Frog Aides are.”

In addition to introducing students to Frog Aides, Jeff Crane, director of athletic marketing, said the Diamond Day concert should encourage a large turnout for the baseball game.

Appel said, “This is Frog Aides’ first big project, and we expect a lot of students to come because the event is free and it will be a time for everyone to get together.”

Students around campus are also anticipating the Creager concert.

“It’s evident that Texas country is a big trend at TCU,” said Jenna Potter, a senior communication studies major. “I think that it is really great that Roger Creager is coming here, especially since we are in Fort Worth and we are surrounded by country music.”

Erin Donovan, a junior communication studies major said, “I think the concert will attract people from all over campus because Roger Creager is a big name, and the fact that the concert is free is just more of an incentive to come.