Faculty to examine mission statement

TCU students and faculty are familiar with the university’s mission statement, “To educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in a global community.”But how often do they think about what it means?

Three faculty members – Gregg Franzwa, Jack Hill and Chris Riordan, from the philosophy, religion and business departments, respectively – will try to encourage the campus community to consider the mission statement tonight at a discussion titled, “The Mission Statement Revisited: What does it mean to be an ethical leader?”

The discussion will be part of the Searchlight Symposium at 5:30 p.m. Thursday in the Kelly Alumni Center.

Franzwa, a philosophy professor, said in an e-mail that he will address the idealistic nature of the mission statement and its vagueness in explaining what is an ethical leader.

Riordan, a professor of management, and Hill, an associate professor of religion, could not be reached for comment.

Tracy Syler-Jones, assistant vice chancellor for marketing and communications, said the mission statement is important to student life.

“TCU’s mission statement is not just a catchy phrase,” Syler-Jones said. “It is something that gives a summary of who we are and why we are in existence.