Women’s volleyball team bounces back with win over Texas State

The TCU Volleyball team earned an easy victory Wednesday night as it eased past the Texas State Bobcats in three games at the University Recreation Center.The 11-2 Frogs came off a disappointing loss to the University of Mississippi, but returned to sweep the 3-8 Bobcats 30-24, 30-17, and 30-25.

“It’s the best we’ve played in two consecutive games,” head coach Prentice Lewis said.

The Frogs had 49 kills in the game, led by junior outside hitter and middle blocker LeMeita Smith’s team-high 12 kills.

“LeMeita did a really great job blocking and hitting,” freshman defensive specialist Katelyn Blackwood said.

The Frogs came out strong in the first two games, but struggled to hold off the Bobcats in the third.

“Yes, we won the third game, but we missed some serves,” said Lewis. “It wasn’t as crisp as I would have liked.”

Smith said she agreed the Frogs had trouble serving.

“We could have served a little better,” she said. “That’s something we really struggled with.”

Even with four blocks, Lewis said the Frogs could have done a better job.

“We didn’t block as well as I wanted us to, but we did touch a lot of balls,” she said. “If we’re getting the ball to our defense, then we can run a play.”

Despite the few missteps, Lewis said she was happy with the game.

Blackwood said she thinks they were able to sweep the Bobcats because it was a team effort.

“We really played as a team,” Blackwood said. “No one played as an individual.”

Smith added she was happy with her team’s efforts to make as few errors as possible.

“Everyone was just really focused,” she said.

Freshman outside hitter Lauren Otto led the team with 16 points, followed closely by Smith’s 13 points and senior Anna Vaughn’s 11 points.

“Overall, I think the intensity was really great, and we went out there and got it done in three,” Blackwood said.

The Frogs will face the Univesity of Wyoming Cowgirls at 2 p.m. Saturday in the Rec Center.