Fitness requires eating right and exercise

Achieving physical fitness is possible for everybody. There is nothing too difficult about it.By the time you get to college, you know the benefits are endless. By being physically fit, you not only look better, you feel better, too. There are two major requirements to consider when striving toward physical fitness, eating right and exercising. This formula is a simple one, but there’s a catch: you must perform these actions on a regular basis.

College students know the general tactics necessary to gain a physically fit physique. The most important element, however, is often overlooked – consistency. Physical fitness cannot be achieved if you do not follow through with two simple steps – eating right and exercising.

Notice I did not say diet when I described the formula for a healthy body. I said eating right. Nobody can stick to a diet for the rest of their life. Dieting is both exhausting and frustrating. Some diets also rob the body of essential nutrients needed to function correctly and be as productive as possible. If your goal is to fit into the perfect dress for a night, your solution might be to eat lettuce the whole week before and eat nothing the day you plan to wear the dress.

But crash dieting destroys your metabolism and makes you susceptible to weight gain once you decide to eat again. Your body goes into survival mode, and it stores fat in case you decide to go without eating again.

The sensible way to achieve and remain at an ideal body weight is to eat enough and to eat well-balanced meals on a daily basis. Experts say, “you are what you eat.”

This advice puts an emphasis on just how important the food you choose to put into your body is. Empty calories in sodas and alcohol are detrimental to one’s figure. They have little to no health benefits and are difficult to burn off.

A college student’s typical food choices, such as pizza, ice cream, or lattes, are hard to resist, especially if they are offered for free. Ask yourself if the food choice you are about to make is really worth putting in your body.

Eating right is not the only factor of physical fitness. Exercise is crucial.

A popular tactic many college students opt for is the crash workout plan. When we see someone with a physically fit body, it makes us want to strive toward fitness ourselves. We realize we need to exercise when summer is a month away and we have to look our best in a bikini.

Unfortunately, burning fat and toning muscle takes time. A consistent workout plan is your best bet. Without a weekly workout regimen, you miss out on all the benefits exercise can provide for the mind and body. According to Florida State University studies, exercising releases endorphins which make you feel happier, more productive and alert. Not only will exercise provide you with a firmly toned body, but you will be more focused at class and while studying.

Next time you feel like indulging in a late-night trip to Whataburger, ask yourself if it will benefit anything other than your taste buds. Always remember physical fitness is a lifestyle that is fun and energizing once you routinely do it. The most important thing to remember is that fitness is not a goal; it is a process that will entertain you for the rest of your life.

Michelle Anderson is a sophomore broadcast journalism major from Tyler.