SGA announces plus/minus forum

The Student Government Association announced an upcoming forum with the provost to discuss the plus/minus grading system and passed a bill allowing the student body to change SGA’s constitution at its meeting Tuesday evening.Nowell Donovan, provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, will host an assembly to allow students to express their opinions on the proposed plus/minus grading system, said Justin Brown, SGA student relations chair.

“It is a calling for all students that have an interest in this matter to come,” Brown said. “You are going to hear a presentation from the provost about some of the different aspects of (the plus/minus grading system).”

Brown said the most important part of next week’s assembly will be the students’ opportunity to give their thoughts and opinions to the provost so he can consider them when making his final decision on the issue.

On another subject, Tori Hutchens, speaker of the house, presented a bill that allows students to vote on whether to amend the SGA constitution by removing Article 6, Section 4, which allows the Programming Council to receive 50 percent of revenues from the student body.

By removing this section, Hutchens said, the PC may still receive 50 percent, or they could receive lower.

SGA Treasurer Brian Andrew said this bill is not chastising PC but would keep more money available for the rest of SGA.

“We definitely think that Programming Council is fulfilling a great need on campus,” Andrew said. “But the problem is that during the budgeting process last spring, it was becoming readily apparent that the money SGA has is being spread very thin – especially the 50 percent that is not Programming Council.