Pirate trend leads costume ideas

Halloween is approaching, and it’s not too late to grab a costume for the weekend or Tuesday night.The problem lies in finding that original, one-of-a-kind costume no one else will wear to the big party.

Fort Worth Costume Magic Etc. is the closest costume shop to campus and has plenty of outfits.

Patrick O’Gorman, Magic Etc. employee, said there are costumes that are clearly the most popular.

“For guys, it’s pirates, and for women, it is buccaneers,” O’ Gorman said.

Another popular costume, which O’Gorman said he was surprised to see, is somewhat of a classic.

“For some reason or another, “Star Wars” costumes are back in,” he said.

The third costume that seemed to hit it off big with the men this year was a movie outfit.

“We’ve almost sold out of the tons of ‘V for Vendetta’ costumes we got in,” O’Gorman said.

The more popular scary costumes seem to be coming from movies that gained popularity in the 1980s.

O’Gorman said the Freddy (“Nightmare on Elm Street”), Jason (“Friday the 13th”) and the Leatherface (“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”) masks are all the rage this year.

Members of the Magic Etc. staff said other costumes that have been flying off the selves are your big superhero characters, such as Superman and Wonder Woman.

So, if you are looking for that original costume that will set you apart at Halloween party, you might want to stay clear of the outfits mentioned above.