Off-campus housing preferable

So you’ve lived on campus for a year. Congratulations. Are you ready for round two, or are you thinking that one-bedroom apartment sounds better?Let’s weigh the pros and cons and make a decision before the housing deposit is due:

Top 10 reasons to live on campus:

1.) Being closer to your classes means more opportunities to sleep in.

2.) Travel time to class is 15 minutes tops, no matter where you live.

3.) Parking is an inconvenience you encounter only occasionally.

4.) You pre-pay for your food, so finding a place to eat midday is never an issue.

5.) Everything you could need for school is right at your fingertips.

6.) Amenities, such as utilities, cable and Internet are included in your housing payment.

7.) Living in a dorm means having everything you need less than three steps away.

8.) Name one other time you can live with a complete stranger and not worry about them making the rent.

9.) No stressful traffic on game day. 10.) Study groups are easier to organize.

Top 10 reasons to live off campus:

1.) You can light a candle any time you please.

2.) Communal bathrooms are optional at all times.

3.) Despite the parking situation, there is always a shuttle to tote you around campus.

4.) There are no quiet hours.

5.) Pets, other than fish, are allowed.

6.) If you don’t like your neighbors, its OK, they aren’t in the room next door.

7.) You don’t feel obligated to eat on campus because of the meal plan.

8.) Leaving your home doesn’t require guilt issues over losing the “perfect” parking spot.

9.) “Preferred parking” on game day.

10.) You can choose to charge people for parking on game days (hey, you could use the extra money).

For me, the best of both worlds is living just off campus.

The houses surrounding the TCU campus are affordable and practical, considering the convenience of the location.

There have been some complaints in the surrounding communities because of the parties students host at their rented houses, but the same can be said for a number of neighborhoods in Fort Worth.

Having a yard gives me the option of having a dog, which is a big reason I moved off campus in the first place. Maybe the homes don’t come fully furnished, but you had a bedroom set before coming to TCU, right?