Take advantage of Election Day

Many American college students blow off the opportunity to do something people on the other side of the world risk their lives to do.Tuesday is Election Day, and unfortunately, students who are eligible to vote in Tarrant County may treat it no differently than any other day of the year.

That’s a shame.

The deadline for registration has long since passed, and if you did not register, you lost your chance to vote and your right to complain about the candidate who is elected.

But, if you are registered, you have no excuse for not voting – especially since the process is now so user-friendly.

Polling locations depend on your address, but for TCU students who live on or near campus, that’s likely to be nearby. St. Stephen Presbyterian Church at 2600 Merida Ave. is located just off Stadium Drive.

You can find a polling place close to your residence by checking the precinct number on your voter registration card or by checking the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Tuesday morning. Also, locations can be found online at the Tarrant County Elections Web site: tarrantcounty.com/evote.

Voting effectively also means voting responsibly. Do your homework. You have the weekend to educate yourself on major issues, such as education reform, border security and healthcare, surrounding the gubernatorial race.

Don’t neglect local decisions. Among other issues, Tarrant County voters will decide on a heated race for district attorney as well as a freeze on county taxes for senior citizens.

Kinky Friedman, Chris Bell and Carole Keeton Strayhorn each have Facebook groups in which students can show support, but support on a networking Web site will not affect the polls. The only support that really counts now is in the voting booth where you can make your views and opinions heard.

Make your informed decision count Nov. 7.

Jennifer Boone for the editorial board.