SGA promotes idea of no tax on textbooks

Student Government Association passed three bills Tuesday evening, including one that promotes the sale of tax-free textbooks and could save Texas college students $40 million, said an SGA delegate Tuesday evening.The bill to support the sale of tax-free textbooks in Texas could help remove the 8.25 percent sales tax charged on college textbooks, said Mickey Ley, delegate from the AddRan College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Ley also said the cost of college textbooks has increased by 62 percent since 1994.

This resolution originally came from the University of Texas at Austin student government, which is requesting all student governments in Texas to pass a bill similar to this, said Thomas Pressly, delegate from the AddRan College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

“They are working on a campaign to promote tax-free textbook sales throughout Texas,” Pressly said. “We plan to send it to the local representatives and senators in the Fort Worth/Dallas community.”

This bill was passed unanimously.

The association also passed a bill to reform the procedure for filling empty seats in the house, which will help SGA decide who will fill vacant seats, said Matt Maddera, delegate from the science and engineering constituency.

Part of the procedure would involve candidates interviewing with members of the house, Maddera said.

This bill passed with one vote against it.

Christopher Kaupelis, member of the permanent improvement committee, presented the bill to set up mile markers around campus, which he said would benefit students, athletes and faculty on campus by providing them a way to measure distances walked.

This bill faced no opposition and was passed unanimously.

A bill to allow TCU student media to use recording devices at SGA Judicial Board hearings was tabled for discussion to the election and regulations committee.