Werewolf romance no Oscar contender

The new chick flick “Blood and Chocolate” will meet the expectations of budding romantics but not veteran moviegoers.From the producers of both “Underworld” movies, this film leaps into the world of werewolves.

But, in this film, there is a new spin.

The creatures are not vicious, blood-sucking animals but humans with the mystical ability to transform into wolves.

There is also an underlying Romeo-and-Juliet-esque romance. Star-crossed lover Vivian, played by Agnes Bruckner (TV’s “Law and Order: Criminal Intent”), is a werewolf who must keep her identity secret to the outside world. This prevents her from forming a relationship with a human who must not know her true identity.

This movie is not Oscar material but it met my expectations. I expected it to be very light and fun with a little romance. That is exactly what it was.

“Blood and Chocolate” is nothing like the “Underworld” films. The R-rating of “Underworld” carries with it a lot of gore and nudity.

“Blood and Chocolate,” rated PG-13, cuts out certain elements such as violence and nudity. The blatant lack of nudity takes away from the substance of the film.

Directors choose to exclude nudity in a romantic scene when the lovers kiss intimately and then the movie fast forewords to the next morning. This is a new trend in Hollywood – taking out a lot of the action and nudity to make the movie PG-13 and more teen-friendly.

There is also only minimal action in this film, with very few gun battles or werewolf-on-human fighting action. The film focuses mostly on this watered-down relationship between the two main characters.

So, if you like a sappy romance with a little horror minus the nudity, I would suggest this. However, if you need a little more substance for your $7 movie ticket, I would suggest seeing something else, like an Oscar-nominated film.

5 out of 5 stars