Time right for studying abroad

Calling all prospective world travelers! Studying abroad just got 25 percent cheaper.TCU and the Center for International Studies have come together to reduce prices on Study Abroad summer programs.

The various programs include studies in dance, environmental issues and journalism in places as diverse as the British Isles, Costa Rica, Japan and Spain.

Studying abroad is an enriching experience, but the high cost of doing so has likely kept many students at home during the summer instead.

Now that TCU is footing a quarter of the bill, that situation should become less common.

Jane Kucko, director of the Center for International Studies: TCU Abroad, said the price reduction was a surprise to her.

“I’m excited not just about Study Abroad,” Kucko said, “but that TCU is so supportive of it.”

To get the word out, Kucko said the center has placed table tents across campus, sent out my.tcu.edu announcements and set up tables and posters in the Student Center to help educate students about the programs.

One of the goals in Chancellor Boschini’s Vision in Action Plan is to “provide scholarships to permit TCU students with financial need to participate in international programs.”

This promotion certainly helps those students.

Kucko said she hopes the promotion lasts for a couple of years.

“Our goal is to create a means for which more students across the board can afford to go,” Kucko said.

There’s plenty of opportunity to learn on campus, but there’s also plenty Fort Worth can’t provide, like a diverse culture, different languages, varied topography, so on.

The new price reduction still doesn’t make studying abroad cheap, but at least it’s cheaper.

By picking up part of the cost, TCU is encouraging students to go. Take the opportunity to see something different.

Managing editor John-Laurent Tronche for the editorial board.