Lighting design association helps teach AddRan students

An international lighting design association gave interior design and lighting majors a chance to discuss the practice of lighting design, review resumes and critique work Thursday afternoon in the Design, Merchandising and Textiles Building.The International Association of Lighting Design was invited to TCU by the Interior Design Association.

“To have people of this caliber come and assist in educating these students is a feather in your cap,” said Fred Oberkircher, associate professor in the design, merchandising and textiles department. “It is of great value for our students.”

Oberkircher is also an educational member of the IALD.

“It is my job to have these students ready for this industry when they graduate, so they can better serve the IALD,” Oberkircher said.

Five representatives from IALD and more than 20 students were at the lecture. Each representative gave a 10-minute presentation followed by group discussion.

“The IALD has not visited many other colleges,” Oberkircher said. “It really shows recognition of how strong our program is.”

Senior interior design major June Rotter said the lecture was a positive experience for students.

“The lecture was a great opportunity for students to learn, get more exposure and learn from actual cases,” Rotter said.

One of the associates from IALD, Jim Youngston, said he enjoyed the experience.

“I have the best job in the world,” Youngston said. “We continue to work with designers and find the best way to incorporate lighting and design into the entire project.”

Ericka Bailey, president of TCU Interior Design Association, said she received validation from the IALD representatives.

“It immensely validated my ideas of how important and helpful lighting can be for interior design,” Bailey said. “I like the technical design of lighting and want to pursue that for my career.”

Bailey will be going to California this summer where she has an internship with the Lighting Design Alliance.

The Center for Lighting Education at TCU was founded in 1998, Oberkircher said. Through the center, students experience all of the various qualities of light central to the interior design program.