The Streak reaches nine

The Streak reaches nine

The Frogs continued plugging away in the stat book Saturday night with double digit performances by three players.
Forwards Femi Ibikunle, Kevin Langford and Alvardo Parker all managed to score at least 10 points, but the result was the same as the previous eight games: a loss. “It’s frustrating when you have a good game and lose,” said Langford who had 22 points on the night. “I’d rather have a mediocre game and win.”

The 4,824 fans in Daniel Meyer Coliseum were not the usual purple clad TCU supporters, but most were in Brigham Young Cougars (19-6, 9-2 Conference) apparell. These fans watched as the Cougars shut down the TCU guards with smothering shot defense that took the Frogs shooters out of most plays.

“They made a big emphasis on taking away 3-point shots, they just starting pressuring the perimeter,” guard Brent Hackett said.

Hackett had been averaging 13.4 points per game in the Mountain West Conference, but was held to 6 on the night.
“They take out threes away, they win,” Hackett said.
In an attempt to erase a 12 point deficit going into the second half, the Frogs started to utilize their forwards more to build some type of momentum. The strategy was effective, but too little too late, as the Cougars outscored TCU 44-43 in the second half leading to an 85-72 final.

“They took away the perimeter, but we got the ball in down low,” head coach Neil Dougherty said. “It was the first time we had three big guys in double figures.”

Freshman point guard Martiese Morones was given 10 minutes of play time in the second half and he managed to pick apart the Cougars defense with four assists.

“We put Martiese in because he can get in and out quicker and do some things even though he doesn’t understand all the plays yet,” Dougherty said.

The rally killers for the Frogs came from BYU’s senior forward and lead scorer Keena Young and outside shooting guard Lee Cummard. Young had 25 points, while Cummard continually made the timely shots for the Cougars and finished with 16 on the night.

“You can’t touch Young, he has so many different moves,” Dougherty said. “And Cummard can change a game with his defesive presense.”

The Frogs will take to the skies this week to face the Colorado State University Rams who are in the midst of a five-game losing streak.

“We have got to steal one on the road and get off this skid,” Langford said.