Single status shouldn’t stop Valentine’s Day activities, fun

So, it’s Valentine’s Day, and, once again, you find yourself alone. Instead of dressing in all black to mourn the loss of America’s soul due to commercialism, renting all of the chick flicks in your local video store before any happy couples can get their hands on them or calling in to every radio show and requesting “Love Stinks,” consider that being single is not a death sentence.

No one is chaining you to your couch and forcing you to eat those five gallons of Ben and Jerry’s. Enjoying Valentine’s Day – or not – is your choice.

For those who choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, rather than suffering through “Singles Awareness Day,” here are some ideas for making it memorable:

Go ahead and splurge. Buy your own chocolates (or wait until Feb. 15 when they’re on sale). Send yourself some flowers. Treat yourself to the video game, DVD, CD, trip to the tanning salon or sporting event that you hadn’t allowed yourself to spend the money on before.

Spend time with your friends. Host an “Un-Valentine’s” party. Read all of the funny valentine’s cards at your local grocery store. Go see a movie. Go clubbing. Go bar-hopping. Eat at your favorite restaurant. Take a carriage ride around Sundance Square.

Give something back. Visit a nursing home. Do volunteer work. Loan a friend gas money (yes, you know the one) without demanding that he pay you back.

Let others know you care. Take the time to write a letter to someone who has made a difference in your life. Call your parents … and don’t ask for money. Visit your parents but not to do laundry. Tell someone you appreciate him or her because a little acknowledgment goes a long way.

Be positive. Don’t spend the entire day regretting your lack of a relationship. Be grateful for the people you do have in your life.