Author to speak about business application of Sun Tzu

Chin-Ning Chu’s name means “journey to peace” – a name that reflects “The Art of War” philosophy that Chu will address as the keynote speaker for tonight’s Frost Foundation Lectureship.As an author and motivational speaker, Chu is a leading expert in the business application of Chinese General Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.” She will speak at 5 p.m. today in the Student Center Ballroom.

A revolutionary philosophy outlining military strategy using minimal physical combat, Tzu’s “The Art of War” has become an influential book in the global community, psychology professor David Cross said.

The event is organized through the Center for International Studies.

Jane Kucko, director of the Center for International Education, said Chu was chosen because of her expertise on global issues.

Chu will discuss the philosophy of “The Art of War” and how it relates to leadership, Kucko said.

Chu’s books, “The Art of War for Women,” “Thick Face, Black Heart,” “Do Less, Achieve More” and “The Asian Mind Game,” have attracted the attention of business CEOs, presidents and prime ministers across the world, according to her Web site.

Cross said “The Art of War” is so applicable to other areas because of its general and theoretical writing. Written around 400 B.C., the book promotes simple nonviolent adages categorized under 13 chapters.

“It’s really about strategy,” Cross said, “in particular, strategy in competitive situations.”

A direct descendant of the Royal Ming Dynasty, Chu grew up learning about “The Art of War” from her father, according to her Web site.

Junior Cleda Wang said she had a similar experience growing up.

“I grew up learning about ‘The Art of War’,” said Wang, a biology and communication studies major. “It’s a really inspirational book.”

Cross, who uses “The Art of War” in his course on the Dao strategy, praises “The Art of War” adages such as “finish what you start” and “never fight except in a crisis”.

“Once you seriously study ‘The Art of War,’ I believe it makes you a better and more efficient person,” Cross said.

After Chu speaks, there will be a book-signing.