Police officer: Vehicle nearly hit student

A TCU Police officer driving to work in his own personal vehicle pulled over a man after he saw him jump the curb and nearly hit a student crossing University Drive on Monday afternoon. Dale Connor was driving when he noticed a silver Pontiac Grand Prix swerving in front of him.

“He almost hit some cars and then jumped the curb and almost hit a student, so I pulled him over,” Connor said.

Connor said he was able to pull the driver over by yelling verbal commands at him.

“My window was down, and his driver’s side window was down. Because I was in my uniform, he complied without resistance,” Connor said.

The student, who was almost hit while crossing University Drive, left the scene unidentified.

Three Fort Worth police cars, one MedStar ambulance, one TCU Police vehicle, one Fort Worth Fire Department truck and Dale Connor’s vehicle lined the side of University Drive in front of the Bailey Building.

The four men from the Fort Worth Fire Department examined the driver for medical problems.

The MedStar paramedics and an EMT also examined the driver for blood-alcohol levels, Connor said.

“The driver was legal, but he had issues,” Connor said. “We decided that it was more of a medical issue than a sobriety issue.”

Because of these medical reasons, the driver was picked up from the site by a friend, Connor said.

Connor gave no comment on the driver’s medical issues.

One MedStar EMT, two paramedics, four firemen, three Fort Worth police officers, one police sergeant and four TCU Police officers, including officer Connor and police Cpl. Brad Murphey, were on the scene.

Brad Powers, a sophomore finance major, said he was also almost hit by the same driver while he was driving home from his job downtown.

“I was driving across the bridge over the Trinity River on University Drive when he started slowly coming into my lane,” Powers said, “He over-corrected and almost hit another car, so I got in front of him to avoid being hit.”

Powers turned off of University Drive onto Park Hill Drive to avoid him completely.

When Powers went running about 45 minutes later, he said he saw the man pulled over.

Police said an incident report from Fort Worth is forthcoming but was not available by press time.