Events bring cultural flavor

Props to the International Student Association for putting together an event desperately needed at TCU – International Week.In an increasingly interconnected world, knowledge of other cultures is more important than ever, and TCU is taking steps toward becoming more global.

International Week has accomplished two things: It celebrated the international students who are a part of TCU and introduced the rest of the student body to cultures different from its own.

Thursday, students and faculty had the chance to participate in the food, dance and culture from a different continent each day. A live African band kicked off the week, and the festivities from India, Asia, Pakistan, Greece and Latin America haven’t stopped since.

It’s great that TCU is taking the time and money to inject some culture into our everyday campus life because diversity is an integral part of society that has been lacking at this school.

Even something small such as stopping to try an exotic food such as meat dumplings wrapped in pickled grape leaves (offered Tuesday), or catching a game of Mancala on Sadler Lawn can be a great and educational experience.

The Latin Carnival tonight – a salsa, merengue and reggaeton extravaganza where students can join or watch TCU Latin American students show off their dance skills – is a fantastic opportunity to learn a facet of a different culture.

Students need to get their feet wet in different cultures because the race and class structure of our campus isn’t proportional to real life.

International Week opens the eyes of the TCU community to the global community by making something different seem not so foreign.

It has helped dispel myths and hopefully challenged students to step outside their comfort zones and learn something new.

The majority of the TCU population misses out on experiencing other cultures on a day to day basis, but International Week has made it possible.

Features editor Amber Parcher for the editorial board.