Rise in minority applicants could usher in more diversity

TCU has received more applications from minorities this year than any other in the history of the university, the chancellor said during a staff assembly meeting Tuesday.Chancellor Victor Boschini said the university is hoping to translate this application pool into faces in the classroom and increase the diversity on campus.

Boschini also said applicants’ SAT scores and class rankings have increased from last year.

According to the TCU Factbook, 18 percent of freshmen in 2006 were minorities, while 15 percent of the overall student body were classified as such.

Boschini said the applicant pool as a whole increased from 8,000 to 11,580 this year.

“We’re on the right track,” said Darron Turner, assistant vice chancellor for Student Affairs and head of Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services.

Turner said it’s good to have a large applicant pool and to have more minorities making it up, but said he hopes it will also bring more students from all over, not just different ethnic groups.

Boschini also mentioned some of the university’s other priorities during the meeting.

“We have plenty of ideas and need money,” Boschini said.

Boschini said the comprehensive campaign to raise money for TCU has already raised $90 million and that Monday, $1 million was donated to the Harris School of Nursing.

Turner said all of the donations are helping people learn different complex fields and donors are helping to ensure that.

Mary Ruth Jones, administrative support assistant for Residential Life, said the fundraising is helping with tuition payments.

Jones said tuition is high, but without these donations, it would be higher.

John Householder, Staff Assembly chair, said TCU has an incredible opportunity for expansion.

“It is the right place, right time for this university,” Householder said.