NFL offseason sees big changes to teams

TCU is not the only one undergoing construction. From prominent player trades to big-name retirements, the NFL has been experiencing major changes this offseason.Tuna will no longer be served in Dallas after Bill “the Big Tuna” Parcells announced he will not return to the Cowboys. Newly hired Wade Phillips will have to come up with his own nickname as well as have the joys of dealing with a certain receiver.

Lovie Smith of the Bears can finally exhale after receiving a long, well-deserved contract extension. After falling short in the Super Bowl, times were tense, and his future was not certain. Da Bears and fans can sleep peacefully now that they have their coach locked in for a good time to come; however, the same does not hold true for fans of the Steel Curtain.

Bill Cowher, head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers for the past 14 years, has ridden off into the sunset, sort of. Two seasons ago, he and his team won the Super Bowl, but after last season’s mediocre 8-8 finish, he chose to hang his whistle up and leave the game of football. Cowher was a highly admired and respected coach, not to mention the face of this organization for the last decade. Following his lead, big-time linebacker Joey Porter decided to cash out. He signed a large offseason contract with the Miami Dolphins. With so much uncertainty, one thing is for sure: This will not be the same team that won Super Bowl XL.

The Colts will have similar problems this upcoming season with the losses of linebacker Cato June, cornerback Nick Harper, running back Dominic Rhodes and wide receiver Brandon Stokley. However, the Colts need not worry too much. They still have Manning under center.

The Texans will no longer be driving a Carr to work. They are set to part ways with the only quarterback the team and franchise has ever known, and they have moved on by signing restricted free agent Atlanta Falcons’ back-up quarterback Matt Schaub. Hopefully, this will bring consistent winning to this lethargic team. The boys in the front office did not stop there. They have been among the busiest of teams this offseason, inking highly sought after free agent running back Ahman Green to a multiyear deal, as well as free agent linebacker Shawn Barber. These signings will not be an immediate fix to the Texans’ many problems but should be a good start.

Good or bad, there’s been much activity in the offseason market, but there’s no telling which actions will end in success or failure.