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Movie: ‘Blades of Glory’ a must-see slapstick

Think of a typical Will Ferrell movie, complete with a straight male-figure skating duo, and you have “Blades of Glory.” I found the movie hilarious, but, when it was over, I did not leave wanting more. It is another one of those stupid humor, quotable films, complete with child prodigies, drunken skaters and death-defying tricks on the ice. Chazz Michael Michaels, played by Ferrell (“Anchorman”), and Jimmy MacElroy, played by Jon Heder (“Napoleon Dynamite”), are banned from figure skating after an all-out brawl at the awards presentation of the world championships. Chazz and Jimmy were competing against each other and tied for the gold medal.

Both continue their lives with dead-end jobs and, three and a half years later, Jimmy’s stalker finds a way around the rule book that allows Chazz and Jimmy to skate once again.

The only thing is that they must compete together in the pairs division.

The two had to face their rivals Stranz and Fairchild Van Waldenberg, Will Arnett (NBC’s “The Office”) and Amy Poehler (NBC’s “Saturday Night Live”), an obnoxious brother-sister duo.

For those who are figure skating fans, there are quite a few cameos, including Scott Hamilton, Brian Boitano, Dorothy Hamill, Peggy Fleming and Nancy Kerrigan.

“Blades of Glory” was light and fun to watch and keeps you laughing the entire time. It should be added to the list of quotable films, as are most of Ferrell’s movies.

Heder’s role was much more effeminate than his role in “Napoleon Dynamite.” Although he played a straight character, when paired together with Ferrell, their coach, played by Craig T. Nelson (“The District”) said, “You’re the girl.” This meant Heder would be the skater that was lifted during the routines.

I was a little distracted at some of the poor special effects with the skating routines, but there was not much expected from a comedy.

It is a must-see if you enjoy slapstick humor and Will Ferrell in spandex.

4 out of 5 stars

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