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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Nine weeks of labor will come to fruition Saturday when volunteers and donors hand over the FrogHouse keys to its new owner.Trinity Habitat for Humanity has been working with the class of 2008 FrogHouse committee to build a house for Alfredo Tenorio, a Fort Worth resident.

Sumer Jordan, Student Development Services assistant director, said Tenorio will receive the keys to his new house as well as a housewarming gift card from the FrogHouse leadership committee. She said the gift card will be either from Target or Wal-Mart, and the amount has yet to be decided because not all of the leaders have had the chance to donate money.

Alison Raff, FrogHouse executive director, said the dedication will be to not only to give the house keys to Tenorio,but also to serve as a thank you to the volunteers and donors.

There will be a few speakers, including Sumer Jordan, Chuck Dunning and Karen Derrick, said Raff, a senior movement science major.

Tenorio will speak with a translator because his first language is Spanish, and, after the ceremony, everyone will be able to walk through the house and have refreshments, Raff said.

The dedication, which is at the building site, is open to anyone and everyone who would like to attend, even if they did not have the chance to volunteer, Raff said.

Jordan said Don Mills, vice chancellor for student affairs, and Jungus Jordan, Fort Worth City Council member, will talk about what FrogHouse means to TCU and the Fort Worth community.

Volunteers have been building for nine weeks and are ahead of schedule, but the Tenorio family will not be able to move into their house for another month because construction crews have to come in to complete the plumbing and floors, Jordan said.

Eric Tabone, building and recruitment manager, said working on FrogHouse was an amazing experience.

While he was working with others on the house, he gained leadership experience as well as lasting friendships, said Tabone, a junior finance major.

Tenorio, an employee at Mom’s Food Products, has two children, Mary and Alfredo Jr. who visit him every other weekend.

Tabone said he had the chance to work with Tenorio who has an excellent work ethic.

He also said it was interesting to see the pride he took in building his house.

“When you work next to Mr. Tenorio, you catch his eye and his smile lets you know how much he appreciates what we are doing for him and what it means for his family,” Raff said. “It’s amazing, I’m going to start crying just thinking about it.”

Karen Derrick, development officer for Trinity Habitat for Humanity, said working with TCU was a great experience because the volunteers and planning committee were energetic, yet took the job seriously. She said she was impressed with their professionalism.

Diane Wolfe, media relations representative for Trinity Habitat for Humanity, said she had the chance to volunteer over spring break and thought the volunteers were hard workers but also a joy to work with.

As preparations for next year’s FrogHouse have already begun, Tabone said the quality of applicants has increased and he would not be surprised if the organization raised funds closer to $75,000 as opposed to this year’s $51,500.

“Here at TCU, we sometimes get caught up in our own little world,” Tabone said, “It has made me, as well as the whole team, become more aware of the problems we face as a community and it allows us to give back.

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