Dress to Impress

Dress to Impress

A team is seen as a unified crew on the field of play, working together to achieve its goal: winning. Joined as one under the colors of purple and white, the Horned Frog baseball team has several jersey combinations and ways to be identified, creating a unique combination distinct to TCU.At the beginning of the 2007 season, the team had six available game jerseys along with one jersey for batting practice. All of these jerseys were made by Pro-Line Athletic Company, which TCU recently signed a long-term contract with, said Charlie Harris, vice president of sales and marketing.

Pro-Line Athletic Company, a Fort Worth-based company, is the official uniform company for several college baseball teams as well as eight high school baseball coaches’ association teams.

“We searched the market and from that we developed a product in-house,” Harris said. “We took out what we didn’t want and put in what they wanted.”

One particular idea for a uniform came from head coach Jim Schlossnagle. Schlossnagle presented a one-button pull-over style jersey used by the American national team that Schlossnagle helped coach last summer. He pitched the idea to the company, and the Frogs are currently the only team wearing this particular style of jersey, Harris said.

Second baseman Ben Carruthers said this is one of his favorite home jerseys.

“I like when we have the purple top,” Carruthers said. “It’s real loose, and when you go white pants, it’s a good combination, the dark top and white pants. It’s kind of old-fashioned to just throw on a top and pants and go play.”

Another jersey that can usually be seen on the first day of a home series is an all-white uniform. A white jersey with “Horned Frogs” across the front paired with white pants creates a clean look for the Frogs. This year, the last names of the players were added to the back of the jerseys.

A crowd favorite put into play last season that will most likely make a comeback next season is the throw-back style that was usually worn on Sundays. Carruthers said he really liked the old-school look.

“A lot of families come to the game, and it kind of brings back the old-time baseball,” Carruthers said.

A home look that some of the players enjoy is a white top with purple accenting underneath the arms. Senior Keith Conlon said this uniform is his favorite home jersey because he has hit three home runs in it.

When playing on the road, the team has two different options to choose from. One option is a gray pin stripe with “Frogs” across the chest. Both Carruthers and Conlon said they liked these jerseys the best because of the fit and comfort. The Frogs logo is modeled in the same font as the Toronto Blue Jays of the American League.

“It fits the best, and I like the lettering on the front,” Conlon said.

Another option the Horned Frogs have is a solid gray jersey with purple trim and “TCU” across the chest.

A special addition to the TCU wardrobe was a St. Patrick’s Day edition of the jersey. The green jersey with purple trim, white pants and green hat with a purple TCU letterhead and clover on the back was a welcome change for the players.

“That took us by surprise,” Carruthers said. “We didn’t know until about an hour before when they handed us our uniforms. We were pretty pumped up, and it was just fun to wear a different color.”

This idea was one that came from Schlossnagle and Joel Taylor, a representative who worked with Pro-Line, Harris said.

“It was a big hit,” Harris said. “Any players who wanted to purchase them could, and then they were sold to the public.”

The Texas flag on the left side of each uniform sleeve is also a distinctive attribute to the Frogs’ uniform.

“Coach Schlossnagle had it last year, and it’s something we’ve carried over this year,” Harris said.

Big 12 teams such as the Texas Tech Red Raiders and the Baylor Bears only have four or five different tops to choose from. While this makes for several different combinations, the Frogs have had a total of seven jerseys worn in the past season, and, according to Carruthers, teams have taken notice.

“When we went to South Carolina, all the teams up there were telling us how nice our uniforms are,” Carruthers said. “They hadn’t seen a team have so many different combinations.”

And, With a 15-0 record at home, it seems as though the Frogs have found the right combination of purple, white and even green to continue their home winning-streak this week against the BYU Cougars.