Band’s humanity good example for life

Humans have an impact on each other and the world. Music has the ability to divide or unite people. And the members of the local Fort Worth band, Green River Ordinance, are using their impact as musicians and human beings to make a difference in the world.This summer, GRO members Josh Jenkins, Joshua Wilkerson, Jamey Ice, Geoff Ice and Denton Hunker and their manager Paul Steele are traveling to Uganda and Kenya to do humanitarian work for at least a month.

These guys will be helping the non-profit group Blood: Water Mission build wells and help with anything else possible.

Good for them. This band is not just going to strum their guitar strings and make a measly propaganda effort to save the world. Instead, they’ll be getting their hands dirty in legitimate humanitarian work in a place that doesn’t even cross most people’s minds on a day-to-day basis.

Of course, taking a month out of the real world to dig in African dirt doesn’t suit everyone’s schedule – we can’t all be held to the standards of these 20-something musicians.

But these guys are, in effect, raising awareness for the needy. Whether it be across the Atlantic Ocean or right here in Fort Worth, there are so many people and situations that need help.

That’s where the cliche “one person makes a difference,” comes in. But it’s really true.

We should all follow GRO’s lead to lend manpower to someone in need, whether it be a Saturday morning spent helping to build a house in Fort Worth for Habitat for Humanity or cleaning out years of old clothes to donate to Goodwill.

The best of luck to these six guys who are truly using their power as humans to help others.

-Features editor Amber Parcher for the editorial board.