The Land of Brody

Though the sun may have set on “The O.C.,” Adam Brody does not seem sad about waving goodbye to his days at Newport High. Rather, Brody appears content in his new role jetting across the country on a press tour to promote his new movie, “In the Land of Women.”Brody sat on a large ottoman in a suite at the W Hotel in Dallas, pulling one leg up to his chest as he compared his role as Carter Webb, the lead character of “In the Land of Women,” to Seth Cohen, his four-year character on the hit FOX TV show, “The OC.”

“The character (Webb) is naturally different in that he is a bit older; a bit more mature and he certainly doesn’t talk nearly as much,” Brody said.

Viewers have criticized Brody, saying Webb is essentially the same character as Cohen and that Brody brought many of Cohen’s mannerisms to his new role.

“If I did, it was only because I feel like I bring a lot of myself, ideally, to everything I do,” Brody said. “I wouldn’t say (the mannerisms) are Seth’s so much as they are mine.”

And Brody does have a lot in common with his characters. Dressed in pinstriped slacks, Converse sneakers, a black zip-up hoodie and a gray knit cap pulled over his long curly hair, Brody may as well been fresh off the set of “The O.C.”

About 10 minutes into the interview, John Kasdan, writer and director of “In the Land of Women,” entered the room and immediately teamed up with Brody, cracking jokes about Brody’s lack of hairstyle for the day.

The two explained how they had become friends while filming the movie. Because the movie was slightly autobiographical, Kasdan was able to help Brody throughout filming by supplying insights into Webb’s character, Brody said.

Kasdan said Webb was a difficult character to cast and that after meeting hundreds of actors he couldn’t find what he was looking for, which was “not to put too fine of a point on it: John Cusack, Matthew Broderick and Hugh Grant rolled into one guy.”

Kasdan said they finally decided to postpone shooting to open the role to actors who were on TV shows and wouldn’t be available for a few months.

“Adam was the first one I met,” Kasdan said. “We instantly had a rapport; we instantly knew that we were going to make the movie together – he was that guy to me. I cancelled all the rest of the meetings, and we shut down the movie. And we started it up again eight months later.”

Brody said he likes to think he had traits in common with Webb, explaining that he feels he is compassionate, a good listener and a romantic.

“Not to mention he’s ripped,” Brody joked.

Kasdan joined in saying it was written into the script. “Enter Carter Webb: built.”

So, though “The O.C.” aired its final episode in March, Brody said he was ready to move on. He said he hopes to continue in film if possible.

“It’s up to me but only to a certain extent,” Brody said. “So I’ll try and do some more films. I enjoy acting, and I really enjoy movies so I’ll try to continue to be a part of it.