‘Hot Fuzz’ balances comedy, action

If you thought “Shaun of the Dead” was good way back in 2004, then “Hot Fuzz” is worth your time.Director and co-writer Edgar Wright (“Shaun of the Dead”) teamed up again with co-writer and actor Simon Pegg and actor Nick Frost (both from “Shaun of the Dead”) to give audiences a lot of laughs complemented by action and suspense.

Sgt. Nicholas Angel, played by Pegg, is the best officer in all of London; unfortunately it is not to his advantage. His high achievements in law enforcement continue to make his fellow officers jealous, and his superiors transfer him to the seemingly quiet village of Sandford.

In Sandford, Angel meets his new partner, police officer Danny Butterman (Frost). Even though Angel is far from the big action back in London, he still keeps his eye open for suspicious activity. After George Merchant, the richest and the drunkest man in the village, has an ‘accidental’ death when the oven in his kitchen explodes, Angel begins to ask questions. The villagers laugh at Angel when he suggests foul play, and, with no evidence of any, he has only one supporter, Butterman.

Butterman, a big action-movie buff, is a cop who dreams about high-speed car chases, explosions and gun fighting.

Soon after the death of Merchant, two more grisly deaths occur, both of which have Angel convinced of foul play. What entails is pure action in the sleepy town of Sandford.

The film has hilarious characters in the town villagers, great comedic performances from Pegg and Frost and a solid plot and suspenseful story. The only downside to the film, at a running time of more than two hours, is that it seems to drag a few scenes a little too long. However, the film does make sure to keep audiences in the seats with a good constant pace of laughter and action.

If you are in need of a good laugh and some high-octane action, “Hot Fuzz” is the movie for you.